Pera Executive

Exclusive Benefits for Executive-Level Healthcare
Designed for executives and high-level professionals, Pera Executive offers a tailored package of benefits and services to meet their unique healthcare needs. This plan includes concierge services, executive health check-ups, priority specialist access, and comprehensive coverage for advanced medical treatments. Pera Executive provides a comprehensive and exclusive healthcare experience for individuals who expect nothing but the best.
Outpatient Services
General Outpatient Consultation and care including necessary consumables.
Inpatient Services
Private ward · Maximum of 25 days
Basic Diagnostics and Laboratory Tests
Laboratory and diagnostic tests
Simple Pelvic and Abdominal Ultrasound scan
Advanced / Complex Investigations
Endoscopy, PSA, X-ray contrast studies Barium Meal/Enema, MRI, EEG, Echocardiogram CT Scan, Mammogram, etc.
20% Co-insurance
Pharmacy Benefits
Prescribed medications for covered conditions as prescribed by the attending physician.
Minor Surgeries and Procedures

Max. limit of ₦300,000

Intermediate / Major Surgeries and Procedures

Max. limit of ₦500,000

Routine Antenatal care with
– Vaginal delivery
– Caesarian Section

Max. limit of ₦400,000

Routine Dental care
Routine Dental Examination, Medication, Simple (Non-Surgical) tooth extraction, Simple amalgam filling Scaling and Polishing

Max. limit of ₦30,000

Root Canal Treatment 
20% Co-insurance
Surgical Extraction
20% Co-insurance
Bridges and Crowns
50% Co-insurance
Routine Eyecare
Consultation/ Examination Treatment of minor eye ailments including:
– Conjunctivitis
– Simple contusions and abrasions
– Foreign bodies
– Refraction
Annual Eye Glasses
As prescribed by Optometrist

Max. limit of ₦30,000

Child Welfare
– SCBU/NICU (Phototherapy, Incubator therapy, EBT)
– Immunizations
– Growth Monitoring
– Routineimmunizationsas recommended by NPI
– Nutritional advice and health Education
– Health Promotion and Education
– Health promotion and Preventive care support

Max. limit of ₦150,000


25 Sessions

Mental Health Therapy

10 Sessions

Speech Therapy

10 Sessions

Additional Immunization
for 0 – 5 years (HiB, MMR, Pneumococcal)
Annual Medical Check
Principal + Spouse
Annual Cervical Colposcopy for female enrollees (Illumigyn)
Additional Adult immunizations
Wellness Program / Alternative Medicine Therapies (GYM & SPA)
– Cupping (Discounted Access)
– Acupuncture (Discounted Access)
– Massage (Discounted Access)
– Yoga (Discounted Access)
Personal Accident Insurance
24-hour cover against bodily injury caused by violent, accidental, external, and visible means, solely and independent of any cause.

Max. limit of ₦200,000

Home Health Services
Teleconsultation/ Telemedicine
Total Sum Assured (Benefit Limit)