Pera Ultra

Premium Coverage for Exceptional Healthcare Needs
Pera Ultra represents the top tier of HMO plans, offering excellent coverage and benefits. This plan is ideal for those who require regular medical care, specialised treatments, and a wide choice of providers. With comprehensive coverage for advanced medical procedures, alternative therapies, and personalised care management, Pera Ultra ensures peace of mind for individuals seeking the highest healthcare support.
Outpatient Services
General Outpatient Consultation and care including necessary consumables.
Inpatient Services
Private ward · Maximum of 30 days
Basic Diagnostics and Laboratory Tests
Laboratory and diagnostic tests
Simple Pelvic and Abdominal Ultrasound scan
Advanced / Complex Investigations
Endoscopy, PSA, X-ray contrast studies Barium Meal/Enema, MRI, EEG, Echocardiogram CT Scan, Mammogram, etc.
30% Co-insurance
Pharmacy Benefits
Prescribed medications for covered conditions as prescribed by the attending physician.
Minor Surgeries and Procedures

Max. limit of ₦250,000

Intermediate / Major Surgeries and Procedures

Max. limit of ₦450,000

Routine Antenatal care with
– Vaginal delivery
– Caesarian Section

Max. limit of ₦350,000

Routine Dental care
Routine Dental Examination, Medication, Simple (Non-Surgical) tooth extraction, Simple amalgam filling Scaling and Polishing

Max. limit of ₦25,000

Root Canal Treatment 
30% Co-insurance
Surgical Extraction
30% Co-insurance
Bridges and Crowns
Routine Eyecare
Consultation/ Examination Treatment of minor eye ailments including:
– Conjunctivitis
– Simple contusions and abrasions
– Foreign bodies
– Refraction
Annual Eye Glasses
As prescribed by Optometrist

Max. limit of ₦25,000

Child Welfare
– SCBU/NICU (Phototherapy, Incubator therapy, EBT)
– Immunizations
– Growth Monitoring
– Routineimmunizationsas recommended by NPI
– Nutritional advice and health Education
– Health Promotion and Education
– Health promotion and Preventive care support

Max. limit of ₦150,000


20 Sessions

Mental Health Therapy

10 Sessions

Speech Therapy

10 Sessions

Additional Immunization
for 0 – 5 years (HiB, MMR, Pneumococcal)
Annual Medical Check
Principal + Spouse
Annual Cervical Colposcopy for female enrollees (Illumigyn)
Additional Adult immunizations
Wellness Program / Alternative Medicine Therapies (GYM & SPA)
– Cupping (Discounted Access)
– Acupuncture (Discounted Access)
– Massage (Discounted Access)
– Yoga (Discounted Access)
Personal Accident Insurance
24-hour cover against bodily injury caused by violent, accidental, external, and visible means, solely and independent of any cause.

Max. limit of ₦150,000

Home Health Services
Teleconsultation/ Telemedicine
Total Sum Assured (Benefit Limit)